DOMINO® is a laser machine designed for today’s industrial requirements for flexibility, productivity, efficiency, and quality.

A single machine cuts and welds flat sheet and three-dimensional parts, performs bevel cuts for the weld preparation and processes tubes and profiles.

DOMINO® is a high capacity 5-axis machine with the high dynamics of a 2D machine, a considerable work volume, and an extremely reduced footprint.

The direct-drive head is highly dynamic and accurate, ensuring excellent cutting quality even on thick sheets. Thanks to the rapid tool change system, it can be easily reconfigured to suit all types of processing.

Prima Power

Domino Laser Cutting Prima Power Southland Machine



  • Compact design for minimum footprint and easy transportation and installation
  • Synthetic granite frame for best thermal stability and vibration damping
  • Maximum accessibility to the machine
  • CO2 laser up to 4,000 W manufactured by Prima Electro: wide range of thicknesses up to 25 mm and the best efficiency for a CO2 laser
  • Direct-drive head featuring high dynamics, accuracy, and quality of movements
  • Collision protection system and no-backlash and no-wear direct-drive technology reducing maintenance costs and times
  • Two focal length lenses (5” and 7.5”) and fast-tool replacement system for easy changes of production
  • F-axis for controlling the focal position independently of the Z-axis
  • SIPS (Safe Impact Protection System) protecting the machine head in case of collisions with workpieces or fixtures
  • CNC P20L with Windows HMI, 15″ Touch screen, Trackball, Tables On Board
  • Optional rotary axis, tubes and profiles can be processed with zero set up times
  • Wide range of modules for the automation of the material handling and storage

Domino Prima Power Laser Cutting Southland Machine

High Performance

Fast and reliable
DOMINO is the fastest 2D/3D laser machine on the market. The maximum combined speed of X,Y,Z axis is 140 m/min, acceleration is 1.2g.

Its direct-drive head features high dynamics, accuracy, and quality of movements. Its collision protection system and its no-backlash and no-wear direct-drive technology reduce maintenance costs and times.

DOMINO has a compact design for minimum footprint and easy transportation and installation. Its synthetic granite frame offers the best thermal stability and vibration damping.

    Cost effectiveness – All processes with one single machine – Compact for floor space savings

    Versatility – Flat, three-dimensional, bevel, tubes cutting and welding

    User friendly – Easy operating interface – fast setup and less waiting time

    – One compact machine for all processes – less floor space required

    – High productivity – more output during machine runtime

    – Synthetic granite frame – less CO2 compared with conventional welded structures

    Work area X  3,065 mm  Y  1,555 mm  Z  400 mm
A  360°  B ±135°

    Axis speed X, Y  100 m/min  Z 50 m/min (combined 140 m/min) A, B  540°/s (1.5 revs per second)

    Laser source

    CO2 3,000 W – 4,000 W