An early and major step towards sustainable fabrication was taken on the introduction of the servo-electric E series turret punch press in 1998. Now Prima Power introduces already the third generation of this series.

The inherent benefits of servo-electric technology include energy efficiency, versatility and accuracy and low maintenance cost. This amounts to superior fabrication capabilities as well as outstanding operation economy, i.e. truly remarkable savings.

The servo-mechanically actuated punching stroke is NC-controlled and thus, in addition to high-performance punching, outstandingly accurate forming capacity is available.

High repeatability facilitates forming, roll forming, marking etc. and shortens set-up times.

A totally re-designed turret can be chosen for the new E-series; it can be customized and optimized for any requirement. Simultaneously, a record-breaking number of 384 tools can be available in the turret; thus unnecessary set-ups can be easily avoided. The original fully customized turret layout is also available.

The maximum number of index tools has also been raised to 128.

Prima Power



  • Tapping, wheeling, upforming and punching
  • Cluster tool possibility in E-station
  • 300 kN ram force, positioning speed 150 m/min, Index speed 250 rpm
  • Energy efficiency and low maintenance cost
  • Full range of various options
  • Versatility and accuracy
  • Flexible turret with fast set up times
  • Information flow from TULUS® user interface
  • The turret layout is is always customer-specific and up to 384 tools.
  • MultiTools® for additional punching versatility
  • Upforming with programmable NC servo axis
  • Intelligent Stroke Control (ISC)
  • Rugged “O” frame


  • Compact Express – fast loading and unloading with a small footprint
  • LST – compact solution for loading and component sorting
  • SU3 – smart sorting solution for small work chute parts
  • NT – Connection to Night Train or Combo storage possible when using LST device

    High productivity due to high speeds, ease of operation, minimum set up times

    Versatile capacity made easy to utilize

    Small power supply connection and very low power consumption

    Inherently low maintenance cost

    Brush tables for low noise level and to maintain perfect sheet surface quality.

    20/30 tons punching force up to 8mm = various end user solutions

    With full 30 tons force ability to use bigger punching tools = time savings in production

    Individual clamp movement = 100% of sheet utilization

    Operations can be handled from one side = simple, efficient factory logistics

    Average power consumption: 4 kW = less use of energy

    Extremely high servo-electric punching and forming accuracy = less scrap, accurate forming

    Fewer critical components compared with hydraulic machines = low maintenance costs

    Robust ”O” type frame for perfect tool alignment = less wearing of punching tools

    Full 2,5m working area without repositioning = higher production volume and time savings

    Max. sheet size 2,530 mm x 1,270 mm (96” x 48”)

    Max. sheet size w/o repositioning 2,530 mm x 1,270 mm (96” x 48”)

    Punching speed up to 1,000 hpm / 1 mm between holes

    Punching forces 200 or 300 kN (23 or 33 US ton)

    Tool rotation speedup to 250 rpm