Automec Easygage


Easygage is a programmable stop for saws, punches or any device requiring a single axis precision gauging system.

The system consists of a chain drive servo driven mechanical measuring gauge and an electronic control. The mechanical assembly can be purchased in various lengths and is typically bolted to a work table. The operator programs a stop to move to a desired position using the electronic control. The operator then positions the work piece against the stop prior to the cutting or punching operation.

Eliminating manual gauging dramatically increases the productivity of the machine operator and increases the accuracy of the finished work piece. Customers will realize a fast return on their investment by increasing productivity while helping to eliminate scrap and mistakes using Automec’s Easygage system.

Our research indicates that most customers prefer a simple to use go-to style control. These customers typically enter positions from a list, one at a time, sending the gauge to its programmed position. One or more cuts are made at that length before reprogramming and moving the gauge to the next position.

Automec’s Multi-function Easygage Control is also designed for users that are interested in enhanced features like incremental moves and barcode scanning. The programmable control can be set for a single dimension or a series of moves depending on the application.

Easygage is available in standard travel lengths of 3’, 6’, 10’ and 12’. Positioning accuracy ± .005”.



automec easygage


We have gone to great lengths to minimize the number of key presses required to program and operate this control. The data entry buttons are large and have a positive tactile feel that makes the control easy to program and operate even when wearing gloves. In the “GoTo” mode, simply press the GoTo key, enter your dimension, press GoTo again and the gauge will rapidly move to that position.


The control can store up to 300 different jobs with 10 different positions per job. Positions can be programmed in fractions, decimals or millimeters. Using the incremental mode allows up to 99 increments of the same dimension to be programmed at each step. This significantly reduces programming time. Up to 11- digit part numbers can be assigned to any programmed sequence.


You can scan your cut list directly into the Easygage using our bar code scanner package. An auto advance switch and cable are available for sequential positioning. Additionally, an optional relay is available which fires when the Easygage reaches each position. This feature allows you to trigger an external device like a punch for automatic feeding.


  • 5/8″ Red LED Display Segments
  • Fraction, Decimal or MM Operation Modes
  • 5/8″ x 5/8″ Tactile Feel Keys
  • Error Messages Displayed as Codes
  • Fraction/Inch/MM Conversion
  • GO TO, Incremental and Sequential Operation Modes
  • 300 Job Storage, 10 Steps per Job
  • Up to 9 Second Programmable Delay Between Positions
  • Optional Bar Code Scanner
  • Rugged, Pendant Mountable Enclosure
  • Input power – 115 VAC ± 10% 50/60 HZ