IW-120KD (shown with optional NC backgauge)

The IW-120KD is the newest addition to the popular Sunrise K-series ironworkers. This machine features the same vertical beam movements on all stations, common to all K-series models to ensure minimal material deformation during shearing and notching. The IW-120KD ironworker is a heavy duty machine built for the toughest working conditions providing strength and durability for years of top quality punching, shearing and notching operations.




iw120kd_o1 iw120kd_o2 iw120kd_o3 iw120kd_o4 iw120kd_o7  iw120kd_o5
 Large Vee-notcher
(punch side)
 Channel Shear  Pipe Notcher  Single Vee
Press Brake
 Multi Vee
Press Brake
 Large Hole
Goose-neck Die Holder
for Punching Channel
Flanges and Webs


    Punching Pressure    120 Ton
    Punch Capacity    ø30 x 27
    (Diameter x Thickness)    ø50 x 16
    Throat Depth    410
    Channel Flange Punch    75-180
    Max. Stroke Length    75
    Cycles / Min. (15mm stroke)    30
    Working Height Up to Die    1050

    Flat Bar Shearing    460 x 20
    Blade Length    465
    Working Height    770

    Shearing Capacity    160 Ton
    Shearing Cylinder Stroke Length    50
    At 90° Shearing    152 x 152 x 15
    Working Height    990

    Round Bar Shear    ø45
    Square Bar Shear    45 x 45
    Channel Shear    180*
    I Beam Shear    180*

    Rectangular Notcher (W x D xT)    63.5 x 90 x 12
    Vee-Notcher (Side x Side x T)    105 x 105 x 15*
    Large Vee-Notcher (Side x Side x T)    145 x 145 x 13*
    Channel Notching    180-200
    Working Height    1050

    Single Vee Press Brake (W x T)    250 x 20*
    Multi Vee Press Brake (W x T)    700 x 5*
    Angle Bending    102 x 13*
    Pipe Notching    ø100*

    Electric Power (HP)    15 HP
    Net Weight (Apr.)    4300 kg
    Gross Weight (Apr.)    4500 kg
    Machine Dimension (Apr.)    2170 x 1120 x 2050
    Packing Dimension (Apr.)    2565 x 1280 x 2350

    Unit: mm
    *optional tooling.
    Based on material strength of 45kg/mm2 tensile.
    Design and specifications subject to change without notice.