SYNCRONO® is the top performance 2D laser machine by Prima Power equipped with a  high brilliance and high efficiency fiber laser for the ultra-fast cutting of thin sheet metal.

With its unique and revolutionary architecture and its 6g acceleration, SYNCRONO®  is the only machine on the market which can match the dynamics necessary for fiber laser technology on thin gauge sheets.

The energy efficiency of the SYNCRONO®  (small masses execute faster movements) is further enhanced with fiber laser. This technology allows a dramatic reduction of the electric consumptions and maintenance costs, thanks to the use of lower powers and to the high efficiency and simplicity of the source.

Fiber laser allows a widening of the range of materials that can be cut with SYNCRONO®, including high reflecting aluminium alloys, brass and copper.

Prima Power

Syncrono Prima Power Laser Cutting Southland Machine


  • Two machines in one: two additional local axes  synchronized with the main machine axes to obtain the best cycle times and cutting quality
  • 6 g acceleration during cutting – over 1,000 holes per minute
  • Focusing head with unique and revolutionary parallel kinematics architecture
  • Active anti-vibrations system prevents impulsive stress on the structure granting extreme reliability even at the highest speed
  • Compact design for minimum footprint and easy transportation and installation
  • Synthetic granite frame for best thermal stability and vibration damping
  • Maximum accessibility to the machine
  • 2 kW high brilliance fiber laser: over 30% wall-plug efficiency, low maintenance and consumables
  • Fast sensor change from 5” to 7.5” for cutting thicker materials
  • Independent and programmable control of the focal position
  • User-friendly and ergonomic P30L CNC with 17” LCD touch screen and trackball
  • Patented algorithms for the automatic control of the local and main axes
  • Wide range of modules for the automation of the material handling and storage

    Productivity – Considerably shorter cycle times with consequent reduction in production costs

    Efficiency and user-friendliness – Very low power consumption, minimum maintenance and consumables – Fastest movements executed by lightweight head – Easy and fast operating interface – fast setup and less waiting times – Various automatic operations and functions available

    – Less energy, less waste of material, no laser gases – Less CO2

    – Higher laser wall-plug efficiency, less cooling capacity required, less heat generation – Less CO2

    – High efficiency – more output during machine runtime

    – Compact and automated – less factory space and logistics

    Work area X 3,065 mm;  Y 1,540 mm;  Z 115 mm;  U,V 100 mm

    Speed (combined main + local axes) 200 m/min

    Acceleration 6g during cutting

    Laser source

    Fiber 2,000 W