ZAPHIRO® is the high range 2D laser machine by Prima Power.

Thanks to the linear motors and the advanced CNC,  ZAPHIRO®  features very high productivity and quality.

Combining speed, efficiency, flexibility and the possibility of increased automation through modular upgrades, ZAPHIRO® is the perfect solution for cutting a wide range of materials productively..

Prima Power

Zaphiro Laser Cutting Prima Power Southland Machine


  • Linear motors for enhanced speed
  • Synthetic granite frame for best thermal stability and vibration damping
  • Maximum accessibility to the machine
  • CO2 laser up to 5,000 W manufactured by Prima Electro: wide range of thicknesses from 0.5 to 25 mm and the best efficiency for a CO2 laser
  • SINGLE lens: all materials and thicknesses can be cut with a single standard lens for unmanned production
  • MULTI set of lenses (5”, 7.5” or 9”): cycle times and cutting quality can be optimized using the most suitable lens for each application
  • Cartridge system for fast lens change and optional automatic nozzle  changer
  • F-axis for controlling the focal position independently of the Z-axis
  • SIPS (Safe Impact Protection System) protecting the machine head in case of collisions with workpieces or fixtures
  • User-friendly and ergonomic P30L CNC with 17” LCD touch screen and trackball
  • Rotary axis for the processing of tubes and profiles
  • Wide range of modules for the automation of the material handling and storage

    Cost effectiveness – High dynamic linear drive – Productivity increased by 10%-15% compared with conventional drive systems

    Efficiency and user-friendliness – Automatic nozzle changer – Reduced setup and less waiting time – Easy and fast operating drive systems

    – Less energy & waste of material – less CO2 emission

    – Compact & automated – less factory logistics

    – High efficiency – more output during machine run

    – Synthetic granite frame – less CO2 compared to conventional welded structures

    Work area X  3,065 mm  Y  1,600 mm  Z  150 mm

    Axis speed 170 m/min (combined 240 m/min)

    Laser source

    CO2 up to 5,000 W